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Teff + Granola =

High in flavor & low in sugar

We make Teffola for those who want bold flavor from real ingredients - not additives and artificial sweeteners. Teff, our star ingredient, adds a rich nutty flavor with a long list of health benefits. It packs in fiber, protein and iron while containing more calcium than any of the other grains. 

Along with the nutty flavor, there’s only 4 grams of sugar per serving. We find that a lot of breakfast cereals are too sweet and don’t keep us full through our busy productive days of errands, work and family. We love when customers say “I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s not sweet!” - that’s exactly what we wanted to create!

This isn't your average granola.

"The Teffola never made it into my cereal bowl because it was so delicious all by itself."

-M. Shackleton Las Vegas, NV

"You can taste the freshness, and I love that it has a mixture of complex carbs, protein, fiber and iron for the perfect pre/post workout, morning or midday snack."  

-K. Black Livonia, MI

"Holy moly is this stuff good! Embarrassed to say I finished my large bag of Teffola in two sittings. I can confidently say this is the best granola I've ever eaten." 

-M. Baker

"Got my first bag of Teffola and it won't be my last. This is the best granola I've ever had - very fresh, exceptional taste" 

-K. Hintz Novi, MI

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