As seen on Detroit News - try Teffola today!


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February 2021 - Jackson Television host Bart Hawley interviewed founder Claire about Teffola and the farm. 

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January 2021 - The Detroit News featured Teffola: Ancient grain teff is the star of crunchy, Michigan made Teffola granola

October 2020 - Launched two new flavors called Berry Burst and Chocolate Charm. For nearly 3 years, Teffola was a one SKU company

April 2020 - During the coronavirus pandemic, Teffola partnered with ready to blend smoothie pack company The Purple Beet to donate acai bowls to hospital staff in Detroit. Together they donated 25 bowls and invited the community to donate additional bowls for their drop off. Read more on the blog here

May 2020 - Teffola was selected to receive a grant from The Red Backpack Fund by Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx) due to the impact of COVID-19 on sales. To learn more, read the press release here

September 2020 - Founder, Claire Smith, talks with Rodger Wasson on his podcast Farm to Table Talk about the farms pivot from corn and soybeans to alternative grains and seeds. Listen in to hear more of the farming story here

February 2020 - Crowded Kitchen, a popular food blog, used Teffola as the main topping on their Chai Chia Pudding. The mother-daughter duo takes eye catching photos, especially of Teffola! Recipe is here

February 2020 - Claire joined the Female Founder Collective, founded by Rebecca Minkoff. The FFC is a network of  businesses led by women, supporting women. Their mission is to support women owned or led business to positively impact communities, both socially and economically.

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February 2020 - Zingerman's Mail Order chose Teffola as one of their featured products in the Food Explorer's Club subscription box. They are known for their highly selective artisan taste when it comes to choosing partners. 

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May 2019 - Our first podcast guest experience was with the platform Young &BosShe who empower young professional women. Listen in here to hear more about the beginning of our journey.