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Brand Ambassador Launchpad

Ready to take your relationship with Teffola to the next level?

We're so glad you're here! 

Below you'll find all the fun details and some FAQ for our Beta Brand Ambassador Program (BBAP? "bee-bap"?). In a nutshell, a brand ambassador is an extension of Teffola, someone who represents our values and wants to share what we're all about. This is not a post one thing get paid lotsa money kind of thing. We'll leave that to the Kardashians. 

We believe in crazy dreams and recommend plugging into that big potential mindset as you apply to be part of our Brand Ambassador program :)

Why become an Ambassador?

Because Teffola is so much more than just delicious granola. We're about creating joy and spreading kindness. This takes lots of forms from building a nutritious smoothie bowl to connecting with your community to inviting someone to an invigorating spin class! We believe bringing joy and kindness is something every single one of us can do no matter how many followers, fans, subscribers or likes you have.

If you're looking to join something bigger, if you're someone who takes action and imperfectly embraces the journey in front of you, this is for you.  

Here are the perks:

Discount Code

Show your followers some love! They'll get 10% off their Teffola order with your unique code.

Free Teffola

Nothing better than free, amirite? 1 bag per month - $90 value for the 6 month agreement 

First Access

When we launch new flavors or products, you'll get to try them before anyone else! 

Increase Social Reach

We rise by lifting others right?* Opportunity for IG takeovers, guest blogging, newsletter features etc. 

Here's what you do:

Post Pictures!

Ideally you'll post 3x/month to your feed and 4x/month on your story - maybe putting together your regular morning yogurt

Give us 6 Months

We're asking Ambassadors to be with us for 6 months - building lasting relationships always takes time

If you have other ideas for how to share Teffola with friends aka something like this adorable toddler loving on Teffola, we're up for that too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "a brand ambassador is an extension of Teffola"?

We'll be real here - we're a pretty small brand. There's just a couple of us behind the scenes but we want to bring on more people to share the Teffola love. These amazing people will represent what we're all about as a company and be an example of our values. They'll be able to show followers what Creating Joy looks like in everyday life.

What if I want a lot of Teffola?

Each month, you'll get a free 13 oz bag of Original Teffola sent to you (and you don't pay shipping!). If you'd like additional Teffola, you may purchase some using your unique code which saves you and your audience 10%. If you'd like 2 or more bags per month, please reach out to us and we'll get a discount all set up for you! 

Tell me more about this first access thing...

We are extremely excited to be working on some new flavors! When these flavors are available to the public, we want as many people to know about them as possible - which is where you come in! You'll automatically be part of our Launch Team and a huge perk of being on the team would be trying these new flavors ahead of time. We'll ship them out to you and you'll be able to debut them to your followers the day we launch. 

I'm in a creative rut - what should I do? 

oof. We've been there and it's no fun. What's worked for Claire in the past is getting away from it and doing something completely different. If you're writing something, go try out a new exercise class or explore a new part of your neighborhood! In a photoshoot and nothing looks right? As hard as it is to hear this, consider stopping the shoot, cleaning up and just trying again another day. The lack of energy and zing will come through the photos and viewers will probably pick up on it! Most importantly though, just know everyone has been there and the "just sit here until you get it right" mentality really doesn't produce the best results. 

Why the 6 month commitment?

We're new to this! So since we're just starting out, we're requesting and strongly encouraging each ambassador to be with us for 6 months. If you are accepted into the Beta program, the conditions and benefits will remain for your duration as ambassador. Some perks might change but we'll keep you in the loop about if and how those affect you. 

I've never done a brand ambassador thing like this and I don't have a ton of followers...should I apply?

We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to apply no matter what your follower count is. We look for people who align with our values of creating joy and spreading kindness. If that's you and your small but mighty and engaged audience resonates with that, apply!

couple more things...

There are some things that are just the right way to do things - like building true relationships without pressure. This program will not have any written contract. All photos you produce are yours but we'd love to use them with your permission (of course, we'd credit you - we want to see you grow too!). You can post what you want, when you want. None of that weird "our analysis shows 7:18pm is best" kind of stuff. Still have questions? Email belle[at]

Also. *quote "we rise by lifting others" is from Robert Ingersoll. For being a dead white guy he knew what was up ;)