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Brand Ambassador Launchpad


Below you'll find all the fun details and some FAQ for our Brand Ambassador Program. In a nutshell, a brand ambassador is an extension of Teffola, someone who represents our values and wants to share what we're all about. This is not a post one thing get paid lotsa money kind of thing. We'll leave that to the Kardashians. 

We believe in living our mission of being bold and brave. How that plays out in our products is bold flavor and brave in character.

Doing the right things isn't always easy but it's always worth it. 

UPDATE: Applications are closed until January 2021!

 If you'd like to join our waitlist, please Belle at

Why Become an Ambassador?

Because Teffola is more than granola!

Teffola is farmers sustaining their 7th generation heritage. Bakers supporting local suppliers with care for the community they work in. And a team growing a business while staying true to their mission to be bold & brave.

If you're a granola-lover who is something bigger and a person who embraces the journey with all of its imperfections, the Brand Ambassador Program is for you.

Here are the perks:

Discount Code

A discount code for you to use at any time, on any product—including subscriptions.

First Access

When we launch new flavors or products, you'll get to try them before anyone else! 

Friends/Fam Discount

Every so often, we'll send out codes that you can share with your friends and family.

Increase Social Reach

Opportunity for IG takeovers, guest blogging, newsletter features, and more.

What does a Brand Ambassador do?

Share the Teffola Love

Tell your friends. Build a Teffola yogurt bowl for your aunt. Send your grandma a bag because you haven't called in a while. Tell your office to stock it in the snacks section. Ask your grocery store if they carry it. 

There's lots of ways to share Teffola - you could also just quote this adorable toddler when talking to your friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Brand Ambassadors matter to Teffola?

Teffola is a small business with a small team. Brand Ambassadors are essential to spreading the word about Teffola, bringing more people to our site, and representing the Teffola brand around the world. Most importantly, Brand Ambassadors show followers what being bold & brave looks like in everyday life.

Tell me more about this first access thing

The Teffola team dreams up some crazy things in the kitchen. When a new flavor or product launches, you'll have the opportunity to try them first and be a member of our launch team! That means you get to hype up your friends and family about our delicious products. And you never know when we'll be asking for feedback and thoughts. You may even get to try limited edition products!

I've never been a brand ambassador and I don't have a ton of followers. Should I apply?

Yes! 👏 Teffola Brand Ambassadors aren’t determined by follower account. Anyone who aligns with the Teffola values of living bold and brave are encouraged to apply, especially those who are BIPOC, LGBT+, differently-abled, or hold any type of marginalized identity.

I want to hear more about the mission of being bold & brave

Go ahead and watch this video. Claire goes over why we care about what we care about and what that looks like. 

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

Belle will have the answer for you! She's our media and director of all things brand ambassadors. Email her at

couple more things...

The Teffola Brand Ambassador Program has no written contracts. All photos remain your intellectual property and we’ll get your permission and provide credit for any photos we use. Post what you want, when you want, and be sure to tag us in any photos, stories, reels, or other media where you mention Teffola! Still, have questions? Email belle[at]

Also. *quote "we rise by lifting others" is from Robert Ingersoll. For being a dead white guy he knew what was up ;)