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About Us

Our Story

We’re not just another granola company boasting high quality ingredients. At our roots, we’re a 7th generation family farm in Michigan pivoting from corn and soybeans to alternative grains and seeds. We started with teff, an ancient Ethiopian grain packed with nutrition, in 2015 and have expanded to buckwheat and oats based on growing demand. 

 At first we sold teff flour to Ethiopian restaurants on Amazon. But that changed when our founder, Claire, put the whole teff grain into granola and loved the flavor; she called it Teffola. We started selling to family and friends then branched into farmers markets and local grocery stores. We’ve grown from buying almonds in 3 pound quantities to 100 pounds at a time. Our team is slowly growing and so is our product line but one thing won’t change; our products stand for much more than just a delicious breakfast or snack. 

 We’re about flavor from real ingredients and connection that only comes from honesty and vulnerability. Because the people behind this company are here to create joy at every step of what we do. And for us that starts with tasty, healthy and fresh Teffola.  


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