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teff granola or vegan Teffola made by Tenera Grains
vegan teffola squares topped with vegan chocolate made by Tenera Grains in Michigan

Teffola + Chocolate Coconut Squares Subscription

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Bundle your Teffola and fan favorite Chocolate Coconut Teffola Squares! Each month, you'll receive:

1 bag of Teffola 

8 Teffola Squares

Those calm relaxed mornings call for an exceptional Teffola and yogurt bowl and when that 3:30 slump hits - time for a little sweet Teffola Square with your tea. Both products are vegan, made with gluten free ingredients*, and are handmade by the team of TeffChefs!

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*All ingredients are naturally gluten free, however, the oats used in Teffola and Teffola Squares are processed in a facility that also processes wheat. Those who have a gluten intolerance have had no problem with these oats.