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Teff Talk

Are we organic?

We get this question a lot. And while it is a yes or no question, there’s much more that goes into it. Here are the facts: No we aren’t organic. We...

Dreams for the Gluten Free Facility

We’ve officially broken ground on the cleaning and processing facility! There used to be two silos that had to come down to make room for the new b...

Cleaning Teff

My parents have been debating this new barn/facility for several months. It’s a big decision. 2,400 square feet and nearly two stories high would g...

From Teff Energy Bites to Teffola's First Store

The fall of 2017 was filled with jerky starts and attempts. Do you ever feel that way? I had been hung up on this idea about energy bites made with...

The Journey to Teffola

Teffola was invented after realizing our teff flour sales on Amazon weren't working as well as we had hoped. I started playing with teff in the kitchen and came up with a delicious nutty teff granola full of flavor. Now the award winning Teffola is known for being tasty, healthy and fresh.

First Year Planting Teff in Michigan

Our first year planting teff on our family farm in southern Michigan.

Teff - The 'New' Ancient Grain

Move over millet, amaranth and bulgur - there’s a new obscure ancient grain on the scene. Teff, or eragrostis tef, is the world’s tiniest grain native to Ethiopia.