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The Journey to Teffola

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Teffola was invented after realizing our teff flour sales on Amazon weren't working as well as we had hoped. I started playing with teff in the kitchen and came up with a delicious nutty teff granola full of flavor. Now the award winning Teffola is known for being tasty, healthy and fresh.

First Year Planting Teff in Michigan

teff planter, teff, farmer, tractor, Michigan farm
Our first year planting teff on our family farm in southern Michigan.

Teff - The 'New' Ancient Grain

teff, teff grain, ancient grain, gluten free grain, tenera grains, Michigan farm

Move over millet, amaranth and bulgur - there’s a new obscure ancient grain on the scene. Teff, or eragrostis tef, is the world’s tiniest grain native to Ethiopia.